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Bunches of Bracelets with Wood

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Bunches of Calming Bracelets

Walking through the world can be like swimming through the ocean. Everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and actions surround us at all times. To help keep your Zen within your personal space bubble, use the Always Zen Calming Bracelet. Think of it as your personal force field. Made from charged crystals of clear quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, labradorite, citrine, carnelian, smoky quartz, and lava beads, it is ready to carry the essential oils you need to face the day. For those who focus more intensely on their energy field, the stones match the chakras for further Zen enhancement.

Clear quartz Crown
Lapis lazuli Third Eye
Amethyst Throat
Labradorite Heart
Citrine Solar plexus
Carnelian Sacral
Smoky quartz Root

Each bracelet comes with our Zen Time scent, and is 100% made by hand, individually, in America.


Please Note: Please email us at support@getbacktozen.com with your order number, with the sizes of bracelets you wish. Small is 5 inches, Medium is 6.25 inches, and Large is 7 inches. We need to know which bracelets and how many sizes you need for a Bunches of Bracelets order.