Our Story

3 moms + 5 kids + 1 dog + 2 cats = 3 stressful lives.

We made a pact to remind each other to take a #ZenMoment. Now, we want to share those moments with you. Get Back To Zen in your life.

The daily grind can wear people down to the bone. Negativity is bombarding us and, like mosquitos on a hot, humid Minnesota day, it is exhausting and annoying. Most days, it might seem that there is a new struggle to overcome. We offer a way to help you to find calm and peace --- a moment to Get Back To Zen. How? Through the powerful combined impact of essential oil scents combined with healing and energizing crystals. Infused into salts, spray, bracelets, and other products soon to come, our oil products can give you a Zen Moment anywhere, anytime you might need one.

Zen Moment = a place where our internal landscape can regroup, recharge, and rebalance.”
It is our gift to you.


Want to help inspire others to spread a Zen Moment and take a break from negativity? Give them the power through Love. Wear our Love Is Power brand and be a walking message to others that Love can change a negative moment to an empowered moment.

We started the Zen Moment Story, now you can help spread the word through giving Back To Zen as gifts, sharing products with friends, and showing that Love Is Power through our clothing line. Working together, we can change the narrative in our world.